Tuesday, 2 December 2014


QUALITY CERTIFICATION Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, but quality is in the perceptions of a customer. The success of an organization depends on understanding customer requirements and translating their expectations in to products and services .Change of approach, attitude, adaptability etc, helps an organization, to establish any venture. Start ups – new venture capitalists ,become an instant success in US business scenario and even experienced employees want to join a start up company, so that they get better recognition &  reward  and derive more personal satisfaction than working for an already established company. As such quality is now considered as offering some better version of existing gadget or device

Research and development has acquired immense importance .We all know, how many new features have been added to cell phones, with the result, the new features become the spokesman for a company. If the features are more user friendly, it is easier to promote a new /existing business
R& D departments strive hard to surpass their own product briefs ,to come out with more sophisticated versions, to attract more and more customers and thereby business promotion. 

Yesterday’s quality is outdated and future quality is uncertain. Customers prefer today’s quality materials and choose the best available today. Hence organizations have very little time for marketing. They have to attract customers very fast, by concentrating on user friendly features of its products and convincing customers that their products serve them better than their competitor’s products

Market fluctuations/competition decides the quality of products. However quality certification helps to tide over such odd situations, as it covers R& D activities also .They can view the overall perspective and decide how far the R&D is effective .A mere certification is construed by the customers as a plus point in favor of the organization. Customers prefer to go with certified organizations rather than taking a risk with uncertified organization products .Thus quality certification stands as a warranty /guarantee of company products, if it is a product certification. Even if it is a system certification, still customers feel that the organization can deliver goods more confidently and consistently. That is the power of certification

A certification logo can kindle the customer to decide in favor of an organization. Customers have no time to verify, the credentials of innumerable organizations and most of the time they use a remote to change channels, during advertisement time. Hence a third party assurance minimizes their burden and sends positive signals to encourage them to go for purchasing a certified company product
Quality certification is a frame on which an organization can mount its quality image .The frame can increase the durability of the picture and portray the picture in a better manner. It is also an accepted marketing technique, much better than advertisement